A description of german expressionism which means a number of associated modernist movement

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Abstract Expressionism

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Expressionism was a modernist movement, initially in poetry and painting, originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th senjahundeklubb.com typical trait is to present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas.

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Synopsis. Among the greatest American sculptors of the 20 th century, David Smith was the first to work with welded metal. He wove a rich mythology around this rugged work, often talking of the formative experiences he had in his youth while working in a car body workshop.


Introduction "Modern art" is a broad term which refers to art produced during the years Some historians prefer to limit "modern art" to the 20th century, but, it is more customary to take Impressionism as the starting point, while the s are usually seen as the transition between "modern art" and its successor "postmodernist art".

The term "Abstract Expressionism" was first used in Germany in connection with Rusian artist Wassily Kandinsky in (referencing the German Expressionists with their anti-figurative aesthetic), but later became more commonly associated with Post-WWII American Art.

Alfred Barr was the first.

A description of german expressionism which means a number of associated modernist movement
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