Apush foreign policy

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APUSH - Ch. 20 (Foreign Policy 1865-1914)

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Wilson’s Foreign Policy APUSH Vocabulary

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Chapter 20 - Foreign Policy

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To oversee the foreign policy changes as secretary of state, Eisenhower selected John Foster Dulles, the grandson of one former secretary of state and the nephew of another.

Foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration

Dulles offered a wealth of legal and diplomatic experience. American foreign policy changed in the years as Americans realized that fascism would likely conquer all of Europe unless Americans acted quickly.

Ultimately, it was fear of the fascist threat to American democracy that triggered the end of American isolationism and inaugurated the era of American interventionism.

German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmerman had secretly proposed a German-Mexican alliance against the United States. When the note was intercepted and published in Marchit caused an uproar that made more Americans willing to enter the war.

During his campaign for election as President of the United States, George W. Bush's foreign policy platform included support for a stronger economic and political relationship with Latin America, especially Mexico, and a reduction of involvement in "nation building" and other small-scale military engagements.

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The Essay. New Look/Massive Retaliation--Eisenhower's Foreign Policy When Eisenhower was elected inhe adopted a very strong anti-communist foreign policy known as the New Look.

Closely tied with the New Look, was the concept of Massive Retaliation.

Apush foreign policy
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