Bryan cervical disc prothesis

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Cervical disc arthroplasty: Pros and cons

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Intervertebral Disc Prostheses

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BRYAN Cervical Artificial Disc

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Retrograde ejaculation with loss of time was seen in one side and erection jazz in another case. The Bryan® cervical disc prosthesis is at the forefront of cervical arthroplasty and is available today. However, many questions about cervical disc replacement remain to be answered and include the effect to adjacent spinal levels and the device's longevity.

Eighty-three patients with cervical myelopathy were randomized to undergo arthroplasty with implantation of a Bryan ® cervical disc prosthesis (n = 41) or ACDF (n = 42). Patients were assessed preoperatively to 3 years postoperatively using the modified Odom’s criteria, Japanese Orthopaedic Association scale, SF, and Neck Disability Index.

ingrowth into the Bryan cervical disc end plates.5 Each shell has an anterior flange to articulate with the inserting device and also prevent posterior migration.

The polyurethane nucleus between the shells is surrounded by a sheath creating a. PHYSIODISC is a cervical disc prosthesis made out of cobalt, This innovative cervical disc prothesis is distinguished by a maximum of mobility and fixation abilities.

It's anatomically formed design complies precisely to the natural shape of the /5(8). The BRYAN® Cervical Disc is a cervical disc replacement device comprised of the following components: two titanium shells, two titanium retaining wires, a polycarbonate polyurethane nucleus, a polyether polyurethane sheath, and two titanium seal plugs.

Cervical disc prosthesis

The articulating surfaces of the device are. Cervical artificial disc replacement is a type of joint replacement procedure. An artificial disc, such as the Prestige LP TM cervical disc made by Medtronic, is placed between two adjacent cervical vertebrae to replace a diseased cervical disc.

It is designed to maintain the .

Bryan cervical disc prothesis
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