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The Australian Car Wash Association

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Examines the investment decision of Cabot Brown and Bill Burgin, two venture capitalists, to finance Car Wash Partners (CWP). CWP intends to purchase automatic car washes around the country.

For over 30 years, Badger Land has been the leading advisor and service provider to car wash operators in the Midwest. Grow your customer base with the help of Car Wash USA Express. About Reliable Plus is the largest car wash equipment, supplies, and service distributor in the United States.

We serve Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota and partner with over sites offering the best in high performance equipment, maintenance and repairs, and chemical cleaning supplies.

The Car Wash Show™ NCS partners with Auto Clean Inc.

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GRIMES, Iowa — Auto Clean Inc. is a leading carwash distributor in Houston, Texas. SHARE ON: Professional Carwashing & Detailing is the No.

1 magazine and online news source for the carwashing and detailing industry. View All Partners. Organization Name (*) Address (*) Carwash Type: Fundraising Event Options: Group Participation Group holds FREE car wash & polish where money is raised by taking pledges prior.

3 ways to make $ school/school district RFFC Partner. Team with park, school/school district RFFC Partner.

Car wash partners
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