Catholic teaching of marriage

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Church Teaching on Marriage

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Marital Sexuality

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Catholic teachings on marriage, conjugal love and responsible parenthood and the methods of Natural Family Planning are also discussed. Humanae vitae (Of Human Life)Pope Paul VI This papal encyclical, written by Pope Paul VI, teaches about God's design for married love and the gift of life.

The Catholic Church, in its official teaching, has always taken a positive view of sexuality in marriage. Marital intercourse, says the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is “noble and honorable,” established by God so that “spouses should experience pleasure and enjoyment of body and spirit.” (#).

The Compendium, a resource published by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, is a comprehensive treatment of the Church's teaching about the human person and society, commonly known as Catholic Social Teaching.

Because marriage and the family are indispensable elements of society, these topics receive extended treatment. In the second case, we have the marriage according to the Catholic Church, which is the same contract that was elevated by Our Lord Jesus Christ to the level of a Sacrament (Dictionnaire de Theologie.

What does the Catholic Church teach about the Sacrament of Marriage, and how does the Sacrament of Marriage differ from a natural marriage?

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The Catholic Teaching on same-sex 'marriage' by Fr. John Trigilio, PhD, ThD. Clear and concise Catholic Moral guidance on the issue of same-sex 'marriage'.

Catholic teaching of marriage
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Catholic Teaching on Marriage and Sexuality