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Movie Info Moral hypocrisy and the woes of America's public schools and educational system are the focus of Cheaters, which is based on a real-life cheating scandal at a Chicago high school%. Jul 15,  · The Cheaters (also known as The Castaway0 is something of an unknown Christmas movie to the younger cinephile.

Or perhaps because it came out of the low-budget Republic Pictures? It's simply just a forgotten one.7/10(). The Cheaters was bought by Paramount as a comeback vehicle for John Barrymore and Carole Lombard, but was shelved and later recast after the deaths of both stars, ultimately, the story was sold to Republic Pictures.

At a time when the studio specialized in low-budget westerns, it was an odd choice for Republic to take on a "screwball. Free amateur girlfriend porn videos and homemade girlfriends having sex in full length tube movies.

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Dark Tide is a American action thriller film directed by John Stockwell, produced by Jeanette Buerling and Matthew E. Chausse and written by Ronnie Christensen and Amy film is based on a story by Amy Sorlie and stars Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, and Ralph Brown.

Cheaters is about the Academic Decathlon team from Steinmetz High School. Steinmetz HS is an overcrowded, underfunded school located in a poorer section of Chicago.

Cheaters movie
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