Classwide peer tutoring

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Classwide Peer Tutoring

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The Classwide Peer Tutoring program has been shown to be effective with a wide variety of children. It is an effective teaching method for most general education students.

Specific benefits have been shown for students with learning disabilities and children with ADHD. Class-wide peer tutoring with rewards to promote participation [25] Sixth-grade students enrolled in general reading education classes in a Midwestern, urban middle school were assigned to tutoring pairs of either equal ability, or pairs in which high-achieving.

Another program, Classwide Peer Tutoring (CWPT), was originally developed by researchers in conjunction with a third-grade teacher who wanted to improve the spelling achievement of her students (Delquadri, Greenwood, Stretton, & Hall, ).

Special Connections

PALS is a scientifically based, supplemental, class wide peer-tutoring program that involves pairing higher and lower performing readers to practice beginning reading skills. Research has shown that PALS can have a positive impact in the beginning reading skills of.

Classwide Peer Tutoring is helpful for different groups of students (e.g., White, African American, Asian, and Hispanic) and for students identified with disabilities (e.g., autism, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disabilities, mild mental retardation, and hearing impairments).

The Classwide Peer Tutoring Program (CWPT) was developed to improve early academic competence for children living in low-income areas.

Classwide Peer Tutoring

It is an instructional model based on reciprocal peer tutoring that can be used at any grade.

Classwide peer tutoring
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Classwide Peer Tutoring