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Yes, but please keep in writing that if you choose to make a glass card payment for tuition and fees you will be used a 2. These advances and college admissions are subject to revision. Training and Assistance The website and formal training provides information to the campus community about CUNYfirst and services If you have specific questions or need a person to assist you with the CUNYfirst modules, contact David Gretah at ext.

The CUNYfirst Drop-In Center for Faculty/Staff/Students is located in 2A The following schedule will be in effect Monday, April 8th through Friday, May 24th*. CUNYfirst is the upgraded data system that has replaced eSims to manage students’ education and records; faculty and staff employment and benefits information; and all college business operations.

CUNYfirst Support Center Opens in East Dining Room April 18, am CUNYfirst, Multimedia, Video. The CUNYfirst Support Center opened its doors on April The walk in center, operated by Lehman students and staff, will help students navigate the new system.

CUNYfirst is the City University of New York's fully integrated resources and services tool. Manage academic careers and financial accounts in real time. Opportunity is what you get. Hostos Community College is dedicated to serving the South Bronx and beyond with an intellectually rich environment, top-notch .

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