Daedalus statues meno

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Plato on tradition and belief

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The Meno The fundamental question of the dialogue is a highly practical one: whether virtue can be taught.

Socrates & Daedalus in the Platonic dialogues

Socrates quickly points out that it is impossible to answer this question without knowing what virtue is. In the dialog Meno, two men, Meno and Socrates, attempt to define virtue. The dialog begins with Meno asking Socrates if virtue can be taught.

Personally, I do not imagine that virtue can be taught. Daedalus' statues. Daedalus is said to have created statues that were so realistic that they had to be tied down to stop them from wandering off.

Plato on tradition and belief Knowledge, opinion and the statues of Daedalus One of the philosophical questions that interested Plato was the nature of knowledge. Daedalus' statues. Daedalus is said to have created statues that were so realistic that they had to be tied down to stop them from wandering off.

In Meno, Socrates and Meno are debating the nature of knowledge and true belief when Socrates refers to Daedalus' statues: ". It is a similar reference that Socrates speaks about in the Meno, specifically on the example of the Daedalus statue (Meno 98a).

Having the statue tied down ensures its eternal presence. It is always there in the soul and never wrong.

Daedalus statues meno
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