Democratic decision making undermines successful management

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8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Democratic Leadership Style

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Democratic education

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Media and Elections

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Democratic Leadership in Large Companies: What Are the Pros and Cons?

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In advance of a hearing on "Artificial Intelligence - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility," EPIC told the House Science Committee that Congress must implement oversight mechanisms for the use of AI.

EPIC said that Congress should require algorithmic transparency, particularly for government systems that involve the processing of personal data.

General Directorate of Security (Turkey)

Democratic education is an educational ideal in which democracy is both a goal and a method of instruction. It brings democratic values to education and can include self-determination within a community of equals, as well as such values as justice, respect and trust.

Democratic education is often specifically emancipatory, with the students' voices being equal to the teacher's. The frequent failure of both new and established democracies to deliver on their promises undermines the commitment to democratic practices.

Wealthy and powerful actors exercise undue influence, and voices that historically have been excluded remain unheard in decision-making processes.

Participative decision-making Democratic decision making undermines successful management
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