Ford pinto case study answers

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The Ford Pinto Case Study

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THE FORD PINTO CASE. The scandal and the trial. On August 10,a tragic automobile accident occurred on U.S. Highway 33 near Goshen, Indiana.

Ford knows the Pinto is a firetrap, yet it has paid out millions to settle damage suits out of court, and it is prepared to spend millions more lobbying against safety standards. The main controversy surrounding the Ford Pinto case was The Ford Motor Company's choices made during development to compromise safety for efficiency and profit maximization.

1975 Ford Pinto RS Sedan

More specifically, it was Ford's decision to use the cost/benefit analysis detailed in section 11 to make production decisions that translated into lost lives. The Ford Pinto was an American subcompact car produced from to It was developed as Ford's entry into the small car marketplace.

Pressures from foreign competition and the looming rise in gas prices incentivized Ford’s upper management to cut the Pinto’s delivery time in half. Read this free Business Coursework and other term papers, research papers and book reports. The Ford Pinto - Business Ethics Case Study.

CASE THE FORD PINTO Discussion Questions 1. Although the Pinto passed the NHTSA test, Ford officials knew that the /5(2). THE FORD PINTO CASE: THE VALUATION OF LIFE AS IT APPLIES TO THE NEGLIGENCE-EFFICIENCY ARGUMENT Christopher Leggett Law & Valuation Professor Palmiter Spring, THE FORD PINTO CASE: A STUDY IN APPLIED ETHICS.


Ford pinto case study answers
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