Funnyhouse of a negro

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Adrienne Kennedy

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Funnyhouse of a Negro

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Funnyhouse of a Negro Themes

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Adrienne Kennedy’s “Funnyhouse of a Negro”

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Funnyhouse of a Negro has ratings and 15 reviews. Jeff said: The tragic mulatto subject matter may be dated, but the play's inventive structure makes /5.

Funnyhouse of a Negro is a highly stylized theatrical piece. The setting of the play is the Negro-Sarah’s room. The space is dominated by dusty books, photographs, and relics. The other locales. Although “Funnyhouse of a Negro” is definitely a piece dealing with race and issues of identity, I completely agree with Nic, when you say that it is also a piece about truth, and what should or shouldn’t be believed.

Funnyhouse of a Negro is a modern classic about the student Sarah, a young black woman living in New York City, and her search for her identity in a very complex, warring, and fractured world. This search is manifested in her many selves: Queen Victoria, the Duchess of Hapsburg, Patrice Lumumba, and Jesus Christ.

May 29,  · First produced in at the urging of her mentor Edward Albee, Adrianne Kennedy's Funnyhouse of Negro is an extended hallucination suffered by Sarah, an acute schizophrenic on a downward spiral. Great play by African American playwright Adrienne Kennedy.

It is a one act focused on the workings of the mind of the protagonist Sarah. A woman born of a black man and white women explores the link between oppression and warping of the mind/5(3).

Funnyhouse of a negro
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Funnyhouse of a Negro by Adrienne Kennedy