Land of opportunities

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American Dream

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Apr 25,  · Did you grow up believing that America was the land of opportunity, that if you stayed in school and graduated, worked hard and played by the rules you could get ahead? Mahindra AFS: The Land of Opportunities!

Whenever I tell people that I have been in Mahindra for 20 years, they are taken aback by how long it has been! India has never been the most egalitarian of societies. But because it's a democracy, governments have at least tried to expand opportunities for its most.

America is known as the land of opportunity, where one could achieve anything they put their mind to, no matter who they are.

Why Is America Considered the Land of Opportunity?

Thousands of people immigrate to the United States every year from different parts of the world to have access to these kinds of opportunities. This is. Jul 01,  · JACKSON: We are. We get very bright students. I do believe this still is the land of opportunity, but it is - that opportunity is becoming frayed.

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