Little ice age

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Is a mini ICE AGE on the way? Scientists warn the sun will 'go to sleep' in 2020

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The Tioga was the least severe and last of the Wisconsin Episode. It began about 30, years ago, reached its greatest advance 21, years ago, and ended about 10, years ago. Define Little Ice Age. Little Ice Age synonyms, Little Ice Age pronunciation, Little Ice Age translation, English dictionary definition of Little Ice Age.

n. The period from tocharacterized by expansion of mountain glaciers and cooling of global temperatures, especially in the Alps, Scandinavia.

Last glacial period

Throughout most of what is commonly called the Little Ice Age (–) the mean solar activity was quite low, but positive fluctuations occurred about –90 and – The main westerly storm belts shifted about kilometres to the south, and for much For these reasons the Little.

The Little Ice Age was far from a deep freeze, however; rather an irregular seesaw of rapid climatic shifts, few lasting more than a quarter-century, driven by complex and still little understood interactions between the atmosphere and the ocean.

The main driver of the warming from the Little Ice Age to was the warming sun with a small contribution from volcanic activity. However, solar activity leveled off after and the net influence from sun and volcano since has been slight cooling.

Greenhouse gases have been the main contributor of warming since Impact on Forests During the Little Ice Age A study of the tree populations in forests of Southern Ontario by Campbell and McAndrews () shows how the tree .

Little ice age
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