Managing technology

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Learn how to lead an organization to success by anticipating and leveraging disruptive change brought about by technology and market trends. Graduate-level online course program -Managing Technology & Innovation: How to deal with disruptive change.

Learn more and enroll online. AET Process has recovery and purification applications in hydrocarbon processing industries. In any case, managing innovation in a sequential process would take a very long time, especially if each stage needs to perfect the technology before it can move on to the next stage.

(TRM) was discussed by Rachel Wells et al in Research Technology Management. Technology road mapping is both a process and a communication.

TRM aims to. Alaska. If you would like to bring a PATC seminar to your facility please call () or use this form.


Tell me more about PATC Training Options. Managing Engineering and Technology is ideal for courses in Technology Management, Engineering Management, or Introduction to Engineering Technology.

This text is also ideal for engineers, scientists, and other technologists interested in enhancing their management skills. AET Process has recovery and purification applications in hydrocarbon processing industries.

Managing technology
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