Mathematical theory of communication on art

In this essay, I will be summarizing how artworks are looking to communicate messages and administrators to the general public with the use of this theory.

A Mathematical Theory of Communication

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Our faculty are well-published scholars in fields of algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, and geometry/topology.

Mathematical Theory of Communication on Art

Cultivating excellence, collegiality, and diversity, our faculty observe the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism. A Mathematical Theory of Communication is composed of high-resolution digital prints on a fine art substrate proprietary to Maharam, the manufacturer and printer.

A Mathematical Theory of Communication

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Mathematical Theory of Communication on Art

A Mathematical Theory of Communication is a large-scale, computer generated mural covering two walls near the main atrium of the Gates Dell Complex, home to the Department of Computer Science on The University of Texas at Austin campus. A Mathematical Theory of Communication; Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems “Probably no single work in this century has more profoundly altered man's understanding of communication than C E Shannon's article, ‘A mathematical theory of communication.’” -D.

Slepian, Bell Labs.

Mathematical theory of communication on art
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