Modern european drama

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Twentieth-century theatre

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Dramatic literature

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This major study reconstructs the vast history of European drama from Greek tragedy through to twentieth-century theatre, focusing on the subject of identity.

Throughout history, drama has performed and represented political, religious, national, ethnic, class-related, gendered, and individual. Book Description: This collection of essays, originally published over the last forty years in the journal Modern Drama, explores the drama of four of the most influential European proponents of modernism in the European Drama: Ibsen.

This course covers Naturalist Drama to Theater of the Absurd.

Modern European Drama and Theatre

We will read and consider the performance histories of Scandinavian, Irish, French, and Italian theater: Ibsen, Strindberg, Wilde (The Importance of Being Earnest), O’Casey, Pirandello, Beckett, and Genet.

DRAMA FROM THE ROMANTIC PERIOD TO MODERN TIMES Drama has revolutionized our era from the Romantic Period to the modern times with its vast developments over the years.

Until the nineteenth century, most European playwrights "drew their tragic plots from ancient myths or legendary history" (Berggren 1).

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