Mommie dearest

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17 Things You Never Knew About 'Mommie Dearest'

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Mommie Dearest (DVD) Mommie Dearest has never looked so good! Joan Crawford lives on in the H ollywood Royalty Edition of the cult movie classic, complete with all-n ew special features as dazzling and fascinating as the movie star hersel f/5(1K).

Jan 01,  · Mommie Dearest has 7, ratings and reviews. Jaidee said: 3 poorly written but utterly fascinating stars!! Barely 2 stars for the writing but 4 /5. Mommie Dearest has 7, ratings and reviews.

Jaidee said: 3 poorly written but utterly fascinating stars!! Barely 2 stars for the writing but 4 /5.

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Sep 25,  · Directed by Frank Perry. With Faye Dunaway, Diana Scarwid, Steve Forrest, Howard Da Silva. The abusive and traumatic adoptive upbringing of Christina Crawford at the hands of her mother, screen queen Joan Crawford, is depicted/10(K).

Mommie Dearest [Christina Crawford] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book/5(). Before she died inJoan Crawford reportedly said that, if a movie were ever made from her life, Faye Dunaway was the only actress who could do the role justice.

But "Mommie Dearest" was.

Mommie dearest
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