Precarious employment

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The ‘gig economy’ is coming. What will it mean for work?

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Universities accused of 'importing Sports Direct model' for lecturers' pay

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Precarious Work

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The picture for college industries, regions and groups might be snazzy and statistics will only ever give a higher insight into categories about job quality. What is the commission? The Resolution Foundation has convened an Intergenerational Commission to explore the questions of intergenerational fairness that are currently rising up the agenda.

On the basis of this, a precarious job is defined: “by uncertainty as to the duration of employment, multiple possible employers or a disguised or ambiguous employment relationship, a lack of access to social protection and benefits usually associated with employment, low pay, and substantial legal and practical obstacles to joining a trade.

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Precarious work is now the new norm, United Way report says

In the latest in a series on the UK’s increasingly precarious world of work, we reveal how many institutions are charging higher student fees while more than half of lecturers are on non. Dec 15,  · Examining contemporary issues in employment, labour relations and workplace injury in Alberta.

Precarious employment is becoming more prevalent in Canada's largest city, a shift that is putting financial strain and emotional stress on households.

Precarious work Precarious employment
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More than 7m Britons now in precarious employment | UK news | The Guardian