Should we legalize marijuana

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4 Reasons why legalizing Marijuana could be the solution to America's Problems.

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Sessions nixes Obama-era rules leaving states alone that legalize pot

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6 Powerful Reasons to Legalize Marijuana, From the New York Times

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Support for legalizing marijuana for recreational use has been gaining traction across the United States and the globe.

There are a range of possible economic, social, and health impacts - good and bad - that may accompany increased access to marijuana. At some point, attitudes towards marijuana changed.

It was probably a combination of the libertarian movement to legalize drug usage and the medical marijuana movement that gave pot smoking a. Jun 30,  · Rumor has it that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) plans to legalize marijuana any day now.

Rumor also has it that Barack Obama is secretly a. Aug 18,  · The next 11 states to legalize marijuana. A large share of U.S.

states, including all 11 on this list, have decriminalized marijuana at some point. CBC News has learned that the federal government will announce the week of April 10 that new legislation will make the sale of marijuana legal by July 1, We are working to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol for adults in New Jersey.

Should we Legalize Marijuana?

New Jersey’s marijuana laws have had a disproportionate impact on communities of color. Marijuana legalization in New Jersey must be fair and equitable and must address past disproportionate harms to communities of color.

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