Status of slum dwellers

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List of slums

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Obesity and economic status—what we found in Kenya's slums

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The present study was an attempt to assess the living status of slum dwellers at Uttara, periphery, Dhaka. A slum is a heavily populated urban informal settlement characterized. socioeconomic conditions of slum dwellers are not good at all. Socioeconomic characteristics such as age, education level, male-female ratio, family size, occupational status.

improvement of the living status of the slum-dwellers In the present study, an attempt has been made to analyse the demographic and socio-economic conditions of slum dwellers. 14 M. Kamruzzaman and M. A. Hakim: Socio-economic Status of Slum Dwellers: An Empirical Study on the Capital City of Bangladesh environment of that area very unhygienic.

Improvement of Health, Hygiene and Nutritional Status of Urban Slum Dwellers-A Program of RCE Greater Dhaka, Bangladesh 2 Dhaka is now a megacity with more than 14 million people and 28% are poor and live in the.

Jun 11,  · Slum Dwellers of Ragamallika Retweeted Marie Apart from the disgusting caste system, add the little known "Khaap Panchayat" too. This is the Indian Hindu version of dreaded Taliban in the North Western India.

Status of slum dwellers
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