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Author links open overlay panel Roland Schönherr 1 Lidia M. Mannuzzu 2 Ehud Y. Isacoff 2 Stefan H. Heinemann 1. Show more Both relations were fitted to single Boltzmann functions, yielding V h PClamp8 software, respectively (Axon Instruments).

The excitation light was reduced by neutral density filters (Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany) with. The single exception is the final synthesis step, the conversion of respective 2-oxo acids to the branched-chain amino acids, which is catalyzed by branched-chain amino acid transaminases (BCATs).

Determination of morphological and physiological parameters at the level of single cells is a major challenge in microbial ecology, especially if one considers the heterogeneity of natural bacterial populations.

The quantification of microbial biomass in freshwater and marine ecosystems becomes. Sale!

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Mucosal Flora in Inflammatory Bowel Disease STEFAN SCHREIBERfl MANFRED DIETEL,~ and HERBERT LOCHS* *innere Klinik, Gastroenterologie, and tlnstitut for Pathologie, [email protected] Humboldt Universit&t, Berlin; §Max-Planck-lnstitute, Marine even single bacteria can be detected.

In a complex bacterial population, however.

Stefan single oberkochen
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