Strategic group map of department store

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Strategic group mapping

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Strategic Group Map - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Group Mapping is analytical tool used for showing the different market or competitive positions that rival firm occupy in the industry. It is very important to analyze the industry’s competitive structure and indentify the strategic groups (strategic group is a set of business units or firms that pursue similar strategies with.

Department/Center name or Presentation title Department/Center name or Presentation title Implications of Strategic Groups Implications of Strategic Groups • More competition exists within, rather than between, groups.

A company’s closest competitors are those in its strategic group • Each strategic group may face a different set of opportunities and threats and show different. CONSTRUCTING A STRATEGIC GROUP MAP STEP 1:Identify competitive characteristics that »Department of Labor (BLS), Census data, Patents and Trademarks Office, SEC, STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY ANALYSIS NOTES Page 14 DKD.

Transcript of Department Store Industry. Department Store Industry Dominant Economic Features Porter's Five Forces Companies in Strongest and Weakest Positions Key Success Factors For Competitive Success Analysis and Summary Strategic Group Map Presented by: "Risky Business" Meghan Chelette Morgan Cothern Department stores- broad range.

The Bay's mission is to be Canada's best fashion department store by offering broad, dominant assortments, quality and value, fashion and trend leadership, a high level of customer service, and an unremitting guarantee of performance.

Strategic Group Map of Apple Inc. Relation between Apple's Strategic Group & it's organizational focus - High Quality Products / Premium Prices. - Focus is mainly upon valuing customers by providing exceptional quality products, repairs and expert advice. Mobility Barriers.

Strategic group map of department store
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