Theory of psychosynthesis


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Psychosynthesis in Western Psychology

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The Developmental theory of Psychosynthesis, by Kenneth Sørensen

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What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is a therapeutic approach that focuses on personal growth and development. It is now time to research into the details of what type of developmental theory Psychosynthesis upholds from Assagioli’s original version to modern Psychosynthesis.

As we have seen, Wilber’s Integral Model is a hierarchical stage model, a “growth-to-goodness” concept of human development. Psychosynthesis theory also involves seven psychological functions, through which we experience and expresses the self.

This allows for a much more nuanced and varied developmental theory, with each of the functions having their own unique developmental sequence. Roberto Assagioli (27 February – 23 August ) was an Italian psychiatrist and pioneer in the fields of humanistic and transpersonal psychology.

Assagioli noted that Carl Jung, "of all modern psychotherapists, is the closest in theory and practice to psychosynthesis". Development of psychosynthesis skills and a personal/professional practice: Practice//training in applying core Psychosynthesis theoretical concepts, principles, and techniques to your work as a psychosynthesis teacher, counselor, therapist, life coach, guide, mentor.

The Developmental theory of Psychosynthesis, by Kenneth Sørensen Theory of psychosynthesis
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Psychosynthesis: core concepts, theory and practice of Psychosynthesis