World development

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World Development

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Sustainable Development Impact Summit

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Live world statistics on population, government and economics, society and media, environment, food, water, energy and health. Interesting statistics with world population clock, forest loss this year, carbon dioxide co2 emission, world hunger data, energy consumed, and a lot more.

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The World Water Development Report

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What Is Financing for Development? Susan McAdams, Senior Advisor, Development Finance, World Bank Group, explains the term “financing” for development, both in the monetary sense and as a discipline involving the management and investment of funds.

In a world filled with inequality, crises and poverty, breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and mothers.

We are excited to announce the slogan of World Breastfeeding Week. An Education World Online Course for Professional Development Gamification in the Classroom Price: $59 What is Gamification?

"The gamification of learning is an educational approach to motivate students to learn by borrowing the best parts of video and board. What We Do. USAID is the world's premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results. USAID's work advances U.S.

national security and economic prosperity, demonstrates American generosity, and promotes a path to recipient self-reliance and resilience.


Development Journey.

World development
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